Repair of industrial equipment

At TKH one of our most outstanding services, and for what we feel proud, is to deal with the repair of industrial machinery and industrial equipment.

Repair of industrial equipment

Our key factor in machine repair relies basically in our manpower.

Our most valuable resource is composed by high skilled mechanical, electrical and electronic technicians, who are constantly under training to offer you the latest tools to solve new generation machine breakdowns. And of course, thanks to the knowledge gained through valuable hands-on experience on actual industrial machine repair services.
Our industrial machinery repair service spans from food procesing machines, automation, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and CNC machines.

We take into account the technical requirements for ensuring that the outcome of our machine repair service can be as reliable and durable as possible, proven against any worries in the near future for mechanical or electrical failures. Contact us now for more details on our services catalog for industrial machine repair service.