TKH Spring Services

TKH is a team of professionals dedicated to caring for companies across the country to manage and own their equipment.

Industrial Machines, Electronics, Servo Motor & Encoder Repair

We specialize in Industrial Equipaments, Electronics, Servo Motor, Encoder Repair Services, Circuit Board Repair, and Preventative Maintenance. Our repair offerings include Industrial Electronics Repair, On-Site Repair, Thermal Imaging, and 24/7 Emergency Service. Our goal with these services is to get your industrial machinery up and running within a very small timeframe. The TKH team will consistently provide you with a competitive repair quote on circuit boards, drives, power supplies, servo motors, encoders, and A/C and D/C motors, to name a few. We understand that your downtime is critical. Due to this, we take pride in our efficiency, communication, and rapid turnaround time.


Our industrial repair services are among the very best in the industry. TKH Spring Services separates itself from the competition with rapid turnaround times and…


TKH Spring Services is fully equipped to repair servo-motors and encoders from just about every manufacturer. We also repair resolvers, tachometers, and Hall-effect devices if…


Equipment maintenance is integral to the ongoing success of your manufacturing process. To maintain your equipment, regular checks are needed…


The TKH team is dedicated to delivering a premium and expedited level of service, no matter what your machine repair needs may be….

About us

TKH Spring Services has over 10 years of combined experience, so rest assured that your needs will be properly met by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. We intend to exceed your expectations.

TKH Spring Services prides itself on being the premium provider of industrial electronics repair and machine automation in Romania and beyond. In order to achieve this status, the TKH team constantly strives to reach our philosophical goal of continually excelling beyond customer expectations.

By employing the best in our field, we are able to maintain the unmatched level of service that we have become known for throughout the region. We take your repair needs seriously and seeks to constantly provide a seamless service experience each and every time.

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